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Foundation for a Human Internet launches With Vision For An Anonymous, Accountable Internet

May 5th, 2022 (New York, NY) – As security, privacy and freedom are increasingly threatened online, the Foundation for a Human Internet (FHI) is beginning its work to secure a human internet. The global erosion of democratic values online has fuelled increasing disinformation and conflict – the Foundation for a Human Internet has been founded, and launches operations today, to confront these modern challenges.

  • The FHI Begins Work for a More Human Approach to Online Spaces
  • Reflecting on Global Crisis, The FHI Seeks to Restore Human Rights Online
  • Democratic Values Are At the Core of the FHI’s Philosophy

As the current Russian invasion of Ukraine unfolds, documented minute by minute on social media, misinformation and leaked data spreads throughout the internet. The Foundation for a Human Internet is launching at a critical time in history. “We have always believed that building up a human Internet guided by the principle of one voice per person is the only solution to fixing the chaos that we see online,” says Founder Shuyao Kong.

Emerging from extensive work on the humanID, an award-winning open-source, bot-resistant non-profit with the goal of promoting safer online communities, and being supported by the Harvard Social Impact Fund and The Mozilla Foundation, FHI is committed to combating the rise in rampant online misinformation and data privacy abuse.

For internet users, The Foundation for a Human Internet seeks to be a layer between the user and the company or platform online. “From day one, The Foundation for a Human Internet is committed to embracing the challenge of bringing human values online, and making these essential spaces accessible and safe for all people,” says Founder (Bastian Purrer). “Ultimately this is about the future of online, as well as offline, democracy.”

About the Foundation for a Human Internet

The Foundation for a Human Internet (FHI), an award-winning, open-source non-profit, strives to promote safer online communities. Guided by the principle, ‘One Human, One Voice,’ we extend undisputable rights into the digital world. We fight against big tech companies such as Facebook that prioritize profits over user safety, selling people’s data and privacy, and threatening our fundamental freedom of speech.
FHI is creating an internet for future generations, enforcing users’ rights to privacy while preventing abuse at the hands of the few. We reimagine an internet where users maintain anonymity while being held accountable. Together, we can restore the internet.

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