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What is a Human Internet

One Human, One Voice

Our vision for an online community is modeled after the principle that defines democracies – Everyone should have one protected voice.

No Bots & Fake Accounts

We believe in the potential for an internet that serves society—
centered around human rights and free from the influence of fake accounts.

Minimize Data Collection & Retention

To avoid data leaks, abuse & surveillance, data should remain under individual control when possible.
Data should only be collected when necessary, and be deleted whenever possible.

Letter From Our Co-Founder

“I have spent my life living in 3 of the world’s largest democracies—Germany, the U.S and Indonesia. In all three, I observed similar patterns of increasing polarization, undermined trust in institutions, and radical figures spreading lies via social media.


A scene during the 2019 protests in Indonesia, by JahlilMA from Wikimedia Commons

In 2018, I worked with an Indonesian election campaign, trying to have positive impact. Instead, I witnessed from the inside the forces driving these trends: how algorithms were manipulated using clickbait headlines, bogus websites, and – most of all – millions of fake accounts. The outcome of the election was contested resulting in protests and riots across the country. Does this sound familiar?

I realized that the current design of the online ecosystem threatens democracies worldwide. The status quo will continue to inflict damage on democracies. The current proposals to fix this problem are equally frightening, and threaten to send us towards 1984-esque authoritarianism.

Why has democracy worked so well in the real world, but less so online? FHI’s answer is derived from the fundamental rule of democracy: “one human, one voice”. Our mission is to extend these core values of democracies to the internet. By doing so, we strive to create a more democratic, safe and human world, both online and offline.

“one human, one voice”

By putting the right infrastructure in place, we will lay the foundation for a future of more nimble, intelligent democracies worldwide. Will you support me & our team of volunteers on this mission?”

Board of Directors

Bastian Purrer


Entrepreneur & Startup Executive. Harvard Business School MBA

Shuyao Kong


Brave, ConsenSys. Harvard Business School MBA

Namik Muduroglu


Social Entrepreneur, B.S. Candidate at NYU Stern

Craig Chambers

Board Member

Former Tech CEO & Government Advisor. Harvard Business School MBA

Patrick Taylor

Board Member

Seasoned Tech CEO. Harvard Business School MBA

Kaushal Jain

Board Member

Product Manager. Harvard Business School MBA

Nick Espinoza


Cybersecurity expert & entrepreneur. Speaker, Author, Radio Host

Brian Yu


Tax Accountant, UC Davis

William McConnell


Consultant, Entrepreneur, Harvard College


Puvan J Selvanathan

Founder & President
@Bluenumber Foundation

Josh Sperling

Sr Product Manager

Arun Sasidharan

Experienced CTO

Adar Arnon

Co-Founder & CTO
Harvard Business School MBA

Press Releases

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